Why I hate girls with straight hair

  • Their hair never feels like cotton candy, even if they’re camping in the middle of a rainforest
  • People don’t shove pencils in their hair and bet how long it’ll take for the first one to fall out
  • Combs do not get lost in their hair, and they never have to stand before the Ladies Common Room mirror, patiently trying to rescue the helpless comb, while surrounded by dozens of giggling women
  • Casually running their fingers through their hair while flirting doesn’t involve an awkward 2-minute break, trying to free the said fingers from violent curls
  • When the wind blows through their hair, they rustle and billow sexily, instead of stubbornly refusing to do anything of the sort
  • When they leave their hair loose, it doesn’t look like an invasion of other people’s personal space
  • Wash-and-go is more than just an instruction on the shampoo bottle – it’s a way of life
  • When they try to sexily remove a pair of sunglasses hitherto perched on the head, the entire effect isn’t spoilt by the said sunglasses getting tangled in the hair and messing up the already messed-up hairdo
  • They’re never referred to as “the hair on the front bench with the girl attached”
  • 4 out of 5 men prefer women whose hair doesn’t look like its counterbalancing the rest of their body mass

On the upside, there’s always that one out of those five. On the flipside, it’s usually the one who got away.

21 thoughts on “Why I hate girls with straight hair

  1. Hahahaha. Yay to curls! I or rather my hair were called ‘maggi noodles’ in school.Children can be so cruel.Yeah, blogspot has been unblocked, so here i am and there you go..🙂madusa


  2. OMG that was just tooooo funny. I need to repost…can I please do that and of course link back to you and tell everybody how a great writer you are too.


  3. my hair was called maggi noodles tooo…there were other names which are too painful to recount… but felt gr8 reading this…absolutely hate females with straight hair…and hate the ones with naturally straight hair even more!!!!!!


  4. Yay, and I thought it was just me. I got a comment on my yearbook saying – ‘she reminds me of Monica at Barbados’, awesome huh?Though I did go ahead and straighten the locks now, so 🙂


  5. actually…..me too one wid “naturally” straight hair…wish if my hair cud stand those curls for more than one day..:)


  6. I have really messed up hair as well. Straight, wavy dunno whatchumaycallit. Forever misbehaving. Sleek and shiny is a far fetched fantasy. I hate girls with nice hair with a PASSION


  7. Haha I love this blogpost.
    Perfection is so overrated.
    And there is nothing sexier than messed up curls tied into bun with a few stray strands.
    Such a pity they will never get the pleasure of flaunting such hair 🙂
    I love your Blog btw 🙂


  8. I have naturally dead straight hair, not even a little curl at the ends. Thought I admit all these things are true, I used to want voluminous wavy hair so badly. I would get caught in the rain, still straight. Sleep in a braid, next morning, still straight. Curl it with pens, still straight. I was that girl sitting in the corner of the room while her friends played with her older sister's curling iron!


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