The Monday Rant

As you fill the emptiness of your life with alcohol, mourn the lack of sex leave alone love, find little comfort in a one-night stand, drown your sorrow in music, keep up appearances out of fear that sooner than later they’ll know what you really are, laugh at inanities because doing anything else is too horrible for your imagination, make up a life you long to live, slowly let self-doubt engulf you in its cold, cold flames and find your mind suspiciously devoid of world-changing ideas, tell me my friends, where do you go from here? And can I come along?

7 thoughts on “The Monday Rant

  1. yes, you can hitch a ride… just bring a toothbrush…Hi Veda, this is Manan… I’m a friend of Ashish’s… checked out the company he keeps and I like you work…Lamentably, I don’t have a blog where you can leave me a note… leave one here and I’ll – did you like the tortoise ring? t’was a piece of jewellery as standout as Pearl Jam’s “10” album in the early nineties…


  2. Hey Manan, thanks for the kind words. Ashish has mentioned you in fact, and yes, I did like the tortoise ring a lot 🙂 As for the ride, wherever I go, my toothbrush follows anyway. It’s like my very own Hutch puppy.


  3. hey veda, I totally hear you about the toothbrush… better that than halitosis following around like that pug! 🙂So yo’re a Pratchett fan, eh? Lamentably, I haven’t read as much of him as I should’ve have, but I loved both Small Gods and Guards Guards! I read a lot of fantasy… in fact, that’s pretty much all I’ve read for the last few years… have you read any Piers Anthony? I’m a sucker for a pun!


  4. Yep, big Pratchett fan, me. Fantasy too. Especially the ones that have more than just dungeons and dragons. Was planning to pick up a Tom Sharpe next. I’m told he’s pretty hilarious. Hadn’t really heard of Piers Anthony till now. Give me some book names, please. Will add them to my reading list.


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