What dessert are you?

Yes, I know. I come up with the strangest questions. And then, they sit and niggle my mind. The only thing I can do to make them go away is to throw them at random, unsuspecting people. In this case, like in most, poor Koltrain. He gave me one of his classic hunted expressions, fumbled a bit and said, “I don’t know. I guess a brownie with vanilla icecream?” (It adds up though – he’s dark, melts easily and is definitely a little nutty.)

I guess I’m a jalebi. Sweet, warm but twisted as hell.

What about you?

8 thoughts on “What dessert are you?

  1. I am a Sri Lankan Love Cake. Soaked in rum and arrack all year, hard in the right places, deceptively sweet, unexpectedly warm on the inside, full of calories, not eaten often enough and quite nutty 😀


  2. Yes, there’s a cake called Love Cake that Sri Lankans make for special occasions. Oh, it’s yummmmmmmmy 😀 It’s called a love cake coz it sort of works like a mild aphrodisiac on both sexes. I’ve even had one made out of weed. Howzzat?


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