Bean there yet?

Much before Barista and Cafe Coffee Day invaded the Mumbai coffee lover’s life, in a time when espresso was ‘expresso’, and cappuccino was unheard of, the only coffee worth having was the kaapi at Coffee House. It was the original house of Coffee and Conversation.

The establishment was and is largely South Indian, as is the coffee. The clientele was and is varied – bankers, brokers and anyone who happens to be around Horniman Circle at the time. The ambience isn’t about to be featured in Society Interiors.

But the coffee – the coffee is strong, hot and plentiful. Oh, and absolutely goddamn delicious too. I mean, even a cold coffee there, tastes exactly like the name – cold coffee – not like a bloody whipped cream calorie-fest of a milkshake.


My romance with the place is old. And it’s left behind a trail of memories over the years. Memories of walking from Xavier’s (not my college) to Fort in the middle of a typical Bombay thundershower, just for a cup of coffee. Which turned out to be completely, fantastically worth it. Memories of days spent researching godknowswhat with goddamnher, which ended with god’s-own-country-coffee. Memories of walking from Churchgate to the British Council Library via Marine Drive, of getting drenched in the rain and the sea-spray, of teeth chattering in the AC library, which stopped only after the first hurried gulp of coffee at guess where.

Memories almost as sharp as the smell of freshly roasted beans.
That’s it. I think it’s time I bought me the pretty coffee-filter I’ve been eyeing.

5 thoughts on “Bean there yet?

  1. Hmmmm… Add a generous dose of marvelling at the British architecture of fort, fountain, kala ghoda, churchgate and colaba, add a pinch of envying people flirting with a book on the loungers in sasoon library, sprinkle a bit of browsing books at roadside stalls on your way to that cup of coffee and soak it all in cold august rain and they are my memories too. But maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have been able to express them this well. Nice.


  2. This post makes me love coffee even more! Could you please tell me where exactly this Coffee House is?

    On a complete tangent, I think rainy days and dingy eateries go hand-in-hand. There’s the Elphinstone canteen right next to Xavier’s (my college) that friends and I would frequent during the monsoon.


  3. Walk from Asiatic Library, around Horniman Circle garden till you see a Bank of Baroda branch. It’s in the lane right next to it. Have a good cuppa 🙂


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