FOAD Thursday

This week’s rant is particularly close to my heart as it honours those whose powers contradict my own. The Unorganised Egomaniacs.

Shining examples of humanity who possess the organizational skills of a spastic fruit-fly. People, who, with their gargantuan efforts at “putting things right” make a complete glorious mess of things instead. Without whose invaluable contribution, life at the workplace would be mundane, stress-free and entirely devoid of on-the-spot cardiac arrests. Individuals who create and perpetuate chaos with laughable ease and are masters of the classic Running-About-Like-A-Headless-Chicken act. Those who the Mafia would probably pay to stay out of organized crime. And those who’ll take an offer of help from more organized mortals, in the spirit usually reserved for an insult to their mother.

To these lovely people I say – I wish you spawn only talentless failures, whom you must spend large amounts of money to put through school and college and who then turn around and ask you to Fuck Off and Die.

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