Bloggy Award Review

Taking a page out of Ashish’s book, I’d submitted this blog for a review from the Bloggy Award guys. You can read what they have to say here.

Some of it is nice, thankfully. And as for the places where the blog falls short, there’s going to be some changes in the template and stuff in the coming weeks, which will hopefully work.

Now excuse me while I go have a fit.

9 thoughts on “Bloggy Award Review

  1. the nike cricket ad is a version of nike’s football ad… you should see THAT… it’s got the then brazilian team playing football at the airport to pass the time… it is fantastic! this one is also brilliant… love watching it over and over again… have you seen the cadbury’s bytes theatre ad?


  2. I am confused… you’ve got a great score of 8/10… but the bastard/bastardess has not praised you enough… “…English is a foreign language to her”? what bullshit… you have a great way with words… you’re a very good writer… i think Mr. Bloggy is a woman and wrote the review during a hot-flash… or worse… maybe Mr. Bloggy is a guy and a gay guy at that… never mind him… ask your readers.. we rate you 10/10… cheers!


  3. Hmm. Dunno if the theories hold water – but thanks anyway Ashish. Haven’t seen the Cadbury’s ad – have you seen the one for Ulta Perk? Tanmay, I do have a couple of entries which I hope will pick up something on Saturday. I will really lose all respect for myself if I score zero at the <>Abbys<> despite being in <>O&M<>.


  4. Please re-check Bloggy Award’s review… the reviewer mistakenly lost the word NEVER in the last sentence… Apologies for that. It was actually meant as a compliment. Mr Bloggy actually likes your blog and as a proof has to comment anonymously because I’m not allowed to reveal myself.


  5. “By the way this girl writes you would NEVER guess that English is a foreign language to her.” This is the freaking reason I don’t like these <> firangs <>. Also I think a 10/10 is a good idea. And yes, even they think you write brilliantly. And that’s what a blog’s about.-Archer


  6. “By the way this girl writes you would NEVER guess that English is a foreign language to her.” EXCUSE ME. While I go throw a bigger fit. And the criteria they have cited, well, a reader doesn’t go look at the page and say “Umm..I really wish she wrote more Right-Justified, rainbow coloured text in Haettenschweiler font.”Madusa


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