I Want Jay Leno’s Job

Think about it.

Some writers, who probably get paid peanuts, write the scripts. Research assistants with equally bad paychecks do all the funny-material finding and all the scanning tabloids to find out celebrity background dope stuff. Production people do the set, get the coffee-mug and the coffee. The band does the music and the encore. The audience does the laughing- to- the- scripts- written- by- poorly-paid-writers bit. The guests do the answering uncomfortable questions part. The network pays everybody involved.

All Jay Leno has to do is show up and be mean on national television.

I think I could handle that.

7 thoughts on “I Want Jay Leno’s Job

  1. Trust me he has worked his way up… Could give you a few books and movies that would show you how hard.-Archer


  2. I still remember how disappointed I was when I realised that the talk show hosts all had a (rather large) team of writers. To be honest it took me quite a while to make the connection – I kinda knew but didn’t focus on it.


  3. we have enough clones of our very own indian stand up comedy on television nowadays. i guess to become a leno equivalent in our country we need to do a few things very well-1. be able to mimic film stars and/or politicians2. be excessively loud3. recycle old jokes with mucho enthusiasm.i still wonder how you came with the theory that he (leno) has an easy job. i mean you did put forth the co-ordinates. but i admit, i like the thought. yes, who wouldn’t like to be leno.


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