The Sick Sense

Serves me right, I suppose.

There I was, defending Bombay rain in an argument with someone who absolutely hates them. “But it’s so gorgeous!”, I exclaimed, “How can you NOT like it?”.

The answer was predictable enough: the filth, the diseases, the floods, the loss of life and property, the filth.

But I stuck to my guns. Because that’s what we rain-lovers do, right? We go “Go Rains!”, despite being ankle-deep in muck and fighting off sneezes.

And now, I’m being punished for it. The past couple of days have been full of such exciting things as fever, antibiotics, rice gruel, sore throat, strong ginger tea* and a truly evil cough, which is making my head spin right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round, round round.

On the upside, I’ve finished the Wodehouse and am rapidly reaching the right end of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, a timely loan from Mini-Me.

Meanwhile, the weather continues gorgeous. This is exactly the way I wanted to spend my weekend, I tell ya.

*I haven’t had any coffee for the past 5 days or so. Soon, I’m going to start drooling on the TV screen when they air instant coffee ads.

5 thoughts on “The Sick Sense

  1. keep faith and hold the line soldier, remember you love rain and rain loves you ,hail the dark thing in the sky and wait for the lightening. Luggoing giddy with the monsoon waves


  2. Lug: Thanks for the wishes.Rohit: Wodehouse was quite ok. A little childish, but clever nevertheless. And yes, no coffee! Even as it pours outside my window 😦


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