While I Was Sleeping

Lying in bed with viral fever, followed by lying in bed with acute hyperacidity and weakness caused by antibiotics, has an obvious upside. It’s the lying in bed part. Offers the liar a hell lot of time, it does.

The flipside of it, of course, is the completely inane television you’re forced to watch, having read and re-read most of the books at your disposal, and being capable of only about 10 hours of sleep everyday.

The upside of that is, I finished reading The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency and saw the season premieres of Ugly Betty and Boston Legal (the new Wednesday night substitutes for Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy) and finally, godbepraised, saw an episode of That 70s Show.

But the truly loverlydeliciousexcitingyumminess part of it all is that I’ve watched nearly the entire season of Studio 60 and it’s knocking my socks off! I’m using exclamation marks! That’s how great it is! Really. The concept is fantastic. The writing is fantastic – Aaron Sorkin rocks. Matthew Perry is fantastic and I love his Matt Albee character. If he actually existed, I’d probably hunt him down and force him to marry me. Or else. Or something.

Bottomline: I love the show and I absolutely detest the fact that it has only one season. Come on, America – if you have such great programming, why, WHY must you take it off air? I mean, come ON. Do you know what constitutes popular television in India? Have you heard of Ekta Kapoor? Do you really think it fair for human beings to actually have to watch that kind of stuff? Sheesh.

By the way, Harriet Hayes says something damn interesting on the show – Women aren’t encouraged to be funny. It’s not considered attractive.

And it’s true too. I’ve always found that very few guys actually find funny women sexy or non-threatening. Any thoughts on that, people?

5 thoughts on “While I Was Sleeping

  1. Yes it is. Realised that one fine day, when a joke me cracked didn’t draw any laughs, but when a man cracked it later, drew roars of guffaws and approval.Also, if women crack jokes with sexual undertones, well, it’s not looked at ‘kindly’. I’m going to write a thesis on this!*canned television laughter*Madusa


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