Alright, Mister, Own Up

Welcome to this week’s episode of Know Men With Veda. Today, we’ll be discussing the unfathomable male tendency to sniff the hair of a girl they like. Don’t get me wrong – I know it’s sweet. It’s sweeter that they try to hide it and pretend like it never happened. And you have to find it charming the way some of them are staring at their screen open-mouthed right now, because wouldn’t you know, they didn’t think we knew about this.

But we do. And we want to know why they do it.

So, gentlemen, let us in on the secret, please. We’re all ears.

16 thoughts on “Alright, Mister, Own Up

  1. Apparently, a lady’s tresses release pheromones. It helps with the mating game if you know what I mean. And that’s why men are taller than women! P.S. – Don’t blame me. Got that from a bloke who says he saw it on an episode of Friends. And knowing how much he watches it, I ain’t arguing.DefTone šŸ™‚


  2. Hi Mystique,Got me the first time I heard it and it hasn’t stopped since. A Google search hasn’t returned any results….as yet.And thank God I put that bit about me not being responsible for coming up with that, just reproducing it.Phew.DefTone


  3. because women just smell so different (in a good way of course) and smelling them anywhere else secretly would not be possible.the tall factor helps. add to the fact that women are such mysterious creatures , perhaps the smell is the key to understand them Probably lug


  4. maybe Deftone is right, maybe “lady’s tresses release pheromone” and the perfume eleswhere doesn’t just really do it for him .. or maybe ” you need to find out if its the fraragnce of the shampoo you use… could be the guy is really in love with that and wants to find out” šŸ™‚


  5. am male…been with women i like…never sniffed their hair..nor felt the need to…(but having read this, might just do that next time, and if caught, shall blame it on this post:)…


  6. Deftone: Pheromones are a good bet, but I doubt that men think, “hmm, lets get a nosefull of them pheromones today” before taking a sniff.Tanmay: Thank you, that helped.Rohit: Eeww. Sorry I asked.Lug: I’ve actually heard the hygiene theory before. Am undecided on that.Mystique: Wouldn’t put it past them.Iz: Boochies are what means?Frissko: Be my guest.R: You EAT shampoo???


  7. i have just realised that i distinctly remember the smell (of hair) of all those i was charmed with. since i was thirteen.some of it still remains. faint. in traces. amongst books. old clothes and linen fresh dreams.


  8. TS, it’s not just the men I work with, though you’d better not ask about most of those.Thanks Phish. Everybody, this is what I mean – see? see?


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