The Memory Remains

October is here and you can smell winter in the air. It’s an old smell of past winters – of dandiya and burning Ravans, of Diwali sweets and fireworks. Of sweaters wrapped in mothballs being aired in the sun. Of small roadside bonfires, of the lightest of fogs in the hidden winter sunlight. Of holiday homework done while munching on chakli, chiwda and besan laddoos.

Yes, Bombay winters used to be cold once. It wasn’t the harsh biting cold of Pune or the hypothermia-inducing Delhi cold. It was a slight chill, just enough for you to turn up your collar, take in a nice, crisp lungful of air, blow a bit on your palms and walk away.

The cold is long gone. But the smell is still in the air.

6 thoughts on “The Memory Remains

  1. I can’t explain why but I think this is one of your best posts till date. Might sound silly but yeah.. it certainly is.Can’t wait for winters here. I wish we stayed in a cold country. Or Delhi was just the cold area here. WTF is up with global warming? Hmph.


  2. Diwali is the Indian festival of lights. It comes around late-October or early November (depending on the Hindu calendar). It’s one of the biggest festivals in India – on about the same level as Thanksgiving or Christmas in the U.S., only with a lot more lights, fireworks and firecrackers. Schools and colleges shut down for a few weeks.It’s big, basically 🙂


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