To Absent Comrades

Was talking to my dear friend Tibet* the other day and I realised that a lot of the people whom I’ve had the best of times with, aren’t in my life anymore. Friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances – they’ve all just slipped out of the way, some with great drama and others without much ado. Every one of them however, has somehow contributed to whatever, whoever I am today. Being with them has changed me in a thousand little ways till I’ve become the person I am.

So, to all those people: thanks for being in the story of my life. Without you, it might have been better, or worse – I’ll never know for certain. But one thing I’m sure of: it would’ve definitely been dull as hell.

* That’s not her real name, she’s not actually from Tibet, I don’t think she’s ever been there, as far as I know, she has no strong political feelings towards it – she just looks vaguely North-Eastern. Which is enough.

8 thoughts on “To Absent Comrades

  1. Very profound, very true!Whilst on Facebook a lot of those type of people have revisited my life and I theirs which has been interesting, weird, brilliant and distressing all at the same time.


  2. I think we just had a moment.I’ve been listening to ‘Teardrop’ for over a month now, waiting to write something about/around it.Very freaked out right now. Of all the songs in the world Veds, this one?


  3. This is my third or fourth visit here, and was just thinking about people and how you remember certain conversations with them, certain incidents (for the lack of a better word) and how, now, they are far away, and even though you might want to get back in touch, you know it won’t be the same… So, I was thinking about all this and it’s as if you’ve just penned it down for me! Also, the first few visits were just after my boss resigned, so I sort of devoured the short stories 🙂 Great stuff!


  4. Art: 🙂Lee: I know what you mean, dude.TS: You want another one? I spoke to some media college students the other day, very akin to your DU kids.siropdevanille: Thanks, keep visiting 🙂


  5. Hi.Having lurked here a couple of times and rather enjoyed it, I figured it was about time I posted a comment.I’ve also taken the complete total liberty of randomly tagging you – if you do fancy picking up the tag, head over to < HREF="" REL="nofollow">my blog<> where you’ll find the 6 Random Quirks tag waiting for you.


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