9 Degrees and Counting

It’s creeping in through the shoes and curling up our toes. It’s coming at us every day and every night, expected yet unexpected. It’s surprising us at the most bizarre moments. It’s making us feel inadequate, weak, vulnerable and ill-prepared. It’s making the breath catch in our throats and the blood freeze in our veins.

So, dear everybody who says that it’s never cold in Bombay – guess friggin’ what.

7 thoughts on “9 Degrees and Counting

  1. Hahahaha, it makes me count my blessings now. If Mumbai is cold, I’m glad we haven’t had a snowstorm here in the North already. Where is the goddamned global warming when you need it? Hmph.


  2. Drenched…if you realise…the friggin cold weather that we’re all experiencing IS the result of Global Warming. I’m sure as hell you don’t want anymore of that…The next thing you know, our toes will be falling off and our hair breaking like uncooked vermicelli šŸ˜›By the way..the weather’s equally phukt here in Dubai too šŸ™‚


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