When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Aaron Sorkin

So I’m guessing many of you have a rough idea about my general love of all things Sorkin. It’s not just the fact that he’s a great writer, you see. It’s the fact that he’s a phenomenally brilliant writer. Why the sudden devotion? Because I think it takes someone with immense imagination and talent to make an American political drama interesting for someone outside the U.S.

I finished nearly half the first season of The West Wing* over the weekend, sacrificing other commitments of global importance like a visit to the beauty salon for a long overdue back massage.

That’s right, ladies and laddies, 13 episodes back to back. That’s probably how I picked up a somewhat unhealthy obsession for Bradley Whitford. No, I know, Rob Lowe is spreadable-on-a-jam-tart lovely, but Bradley Whitford – my god. One thousand points to Sorkin for creating Josh Lymann’s character, it is unimaginably awesome. Almost as good as Matt Albie in Studio 60, as a matter of fact.

And what I can’t get over is that the series was running on Zee Studio for an insanely long time and I never watched a single episode because I assumed it would be boring. Books, judgements, covers, etc.

* Courtesy Archer, who’s threatening to be a bitch and not give me Season 2 for another whole week. That boy will die at my hands, I tell you.

6 thoughts on “When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Aaron Sorkin

  1. Sorkin is really great. Watch Studio 60. Great GREaT show. athough it got taken off air soon. Watch the office as well. You’ll love it. and House MD, great show.


  2. TS: Please do.Tanmay: I HAVE WATCHED STUDIO 60! Didn’t you see the link??? House is great, not too sure about the office though (also, why are these a part of this conversation at all?)


  3. It’s one helluva show !! Fantastic screenplay ! Has ‘moments’ – especially those long inspirational dialogues. Ep 1 Season two is a must watch. Talk abt edge of seat drama. Was for me !!!


  4. now that uve brought up american drama progrmmes, i tot id mention “MAD MEN” reason:- its about these ad guys of madison avenue in the 1950s/60s – so i figured ud be interested…. it doesnt air here– yet… but keep a look out


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