I was talking to my college friend, Purple Jeans* the other day, when the age-old question popped up: Do looks matter?

They do for men, certainly. And most men make no qualms about it. Sure, there’s a healthy percentage out there who don’t care if their partners look less Ms. America, more America Ferrera (and guys, you rock, by the way). But by and large, most men I’ve come across do want their date, girlfriend, fiance, wife, to be a looker.

The weird part is a lot of these guys seem to think that women don’t care quite that much about looks. They believe we are less superficial, more likely to value a guy’s intelligence, manners, sense of humour, personality – you know, his “inner beauty” (a tiny part of me is giggling hysterically at this point). Which a lot of us do, yes, especially if you add annual cost-to-company to that list.

But seriously, come on, you don’t actually believe that looks feature last on our check-list, right? There’s quite a number of us out here for whom a man’s looks are important. The argument being that if I look good and take efforts to stay that way, don’t I deseve someone who is easy on the eyes too? Also, more importantly, how long can you keep your eyes shut through the physical parts of a relationship anyway? I’m not saying we want Brad Pitt (well, yes, we want him, but you know). Just don’t expect us to date Jabba the Hutt.

Superficial? Maybe. Practical? Definitely so.

* Because she had a grungy-looking pair that she famously wore through five years of college and probably two years of university after that. She’s quite the thing.

12 thoughts on “Newsflash

  1. for a most part of my college life and student life too, i thought looks figured as the top most prio of the girlseven after so many years i still think the priority has slipped to max 3


  2. PURPLE????niceee….i have a faded old navy pair that i’ve scribbled on.aah yes, looks definitely matter, at lest a little.or at least the ‘rawwr’ factor.(by rawwr i mean raw sex appeal. i think.)


  3. Burf: Dunno about that, but it’s definitely not the last 🙂Mystique: Yes, I think you mean that too 🙂Akshay: Thanks! Wouldn’t put it past her though.Anonymous: I’ll pass that on to him.


  4. Don’t I just love your blog…awesome work..covers all aspects..reality,humour,emotion 🙂totally agree with whoever said that you should write a book now…and on this post-yes we girls have a right to wish for good-looking better halves as well.And whats with the average looking guys wanting a total looker as a gf thinking its his birth right…now what were they thinking again 😛Keep up the good work!Visit your blog in anticipation of a well-written work every time 🙂NK


  5. Hey Veda! I really like your blog. Just sometimes though, I feel you’re trying a little too hard. It’s ok to let a couple of lines go by and not be funny. The closer you are to yourself, the closer we can connect with you…


  6. Haha.Yes, I know what you mean. Its sometimes convenient to go ahead and skip that hair cut or that bath thinking “oh-alright, i’ve got my intelligence and sense of humour to back me up” 😛And not that it matters, but its Jabba the Hutt.


  7. oh it’s not like that.Thing is, when you see Batman driving a Lamborghini LP 640, you would want one and fantasize driving one. But when it comes to your own car, you go for the Honda City or Maruti Esteem or whichever offers the lowest EMI.


  8. Burf: Aw, come on now, don’t judge us so harshly. My friend Tibet, for instance wanted only a sense of humour in her guy. See? Some of us ARE nice…

    . : Yes, well…

    NK: Thank you, thank you, I love it when people say nice things about me. Please do come by more often.

    Anonymous: This is going to sound totally arrogant, but that IS how I am. Funny, I mean. I do actually talk like that – which now I’m having second thoughts about, considering you think it sounds like I’m trying too hard. Yikes.

    Rishabh: Thanks for pointing out the typo. Of course it matters! I’m aghast I missed it.

    adi: I’m going to respect the automobile analogy and assume you meant it as a compliment. But FYI, not all nice-looking hatchbacks are low-maintainence, if you get my drift…


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