Imitation. Flattery. Lawsuit.

“Vimes smiled. Someone was trying to kill him, and that made him feel more alive than he had done for days.”

– Terry Pratchett, Men At Arms

Ok, so it’s not quite that dramatic. Nobody’s trying to kill me. As such.

But last weekend was a shitfilledcrapholefullofdeathgas. All of last week I was down with fever that the doctor assured me could be malaria. I had to go get jabbed in the arm twice – first to see if it’s malaria, then to make sure it’s not malaria. In the course of lying in bed, sweating and thinking delusional, manic-depressive thoughts, I declined chocolate cake, tandoori chicken and free alcohol. Yes, they’re ice skating down in Hell right now.

Despite all this wonderfulness, the reason I’m full of cheer is this:

This proves that all is indeed right with the world.

Sumana B. Jayanth, whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you. You have brought a ray of sunshine to my otherwise purposeless, bland, advertising life. Hamare khayal kitne milte-julte hain na? It’s like we’re soul sisters… or even the same person. The person who wrote this two years ago, in fact. But you already knew that, dintcha, you big fancy journalist you? What you don’t know is that as of today morning I’ve mailed your editor, a Mr. Ramakrishna. You might be hearing from him soon. God knows, both of you will be hearing from me. Or my legal counsel. Whoever is first able to tear their eyes away from ‘your’ fantastic piece of work…

10 thoughts on “Imitation. Flattery. Lawsuit.

  1. Oh no, don't call her a journalist. She is a **** ***** ****** who thinks that going to the earlier pages will save her **** ****** *****.

    Flattering, nonetheless. Or wait, would it be cooler to have someone write about you than use your writing? Originality, unfortunately, is uncommon. I only hope Mr. Ramakrishna has the sense to see this through.

    It's never happened but I am leaving your page angry. Usually I leave a very happy reader. This Sumana woman has made me so pissed. I hope they never hire her in the entire country again, anywhere.


  2. LEt me tell you guys a story.. der was dis girl who joined her first job in the year 2008 as a journalist.. She wasnt from the journalism background. But she somehow felt she can be a better journo den an engineer. She worked wid a tabloid for a year. She gave more den Page 1 stories, did lot of news and feature stories. And left the company on august 6th,2009 cos of some family issues. History tells she never ever stole others stories,left the company with a good name. But after she left, some of the drafts she had saved in her folder were used often in an opinion column. One such story was “the hair raising experiences”. The story was written by a friend who had told her to save it and use it whenever needed. Little was she aware that the story was lifted from a blog. And the girl who gave her the story insisted on not giving her name. And since our lady doesnt work in the same company anymore there was no one to cross check it either. And it went in her name.
    Now tell me who is to be blamed?
    – I know she is stupid enough to believe someone blindly. But it was her friend and she did not think twice to trust her.
    – She is 22, its her first job, and she is going to be black listed from now, for a mistake she has not done.
    – Her stories are still available in the concerned tabloids archive folders. Most of them being serious news stories or her experiences.
    – She might not be a great writer, not even half as good as the owner of this blog, but she never ever lifted writings.
    – I don't know how far people will believe this, but the truth is here.


  3. Mr\Ms Anonymous, wouldn't it be far more honourable to fight your battle yourself and not try to hide under the garb of supposed anonymity…ooops, what i meant is, ask sumana to fight for herself rather than outsource storytelling anonymous you to fight for her? somtime ago sumana tried to outsource a story and look where that got her! I'm personally quite tempted to circulate the blog link to every media contact i have around the country.


  4. “(C) The written content on this blog is the property of the writer. Contact me for permission to reproduce any material in part or whole, for a commercial or non-commercial enterprise.”

    Recent addition?


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