And Justice For All… Or Something

They apologised, children. Said sorry in print and everything. Quoted a paragraph from the snarky yet vitriolic email I had sent and followed it with their reply. I really should say more, something about justice and better late than never and… stuff, and I will, I promise. Just as soon as I can tear my eyes away from the delicious mug of Gerhard Butler.

PS: There will be money too.

10 thoughts on “And Justice For All… Or Something

  1. Ashish: Thanks, woohoo and all.

    PVieira: I'm not so sure about that, but let's see…

    ashish: Just read the post titled 'Imitation. Flattery. Lawsuit.'


  2. Congrats Veda! Bravo! Ur crusade has yielded fruit after all.

    I can also see a warning rite at the bottom of ur blog- “(C) The written content on this blog is the property of the writer. Contact me for permission to reproduce any material in part or whole, for a commercial or non-commercial enterprise.”

    In case some1 acts copycat yet again, can u file a case on such a person under the Copyright Act?


  3. @Akshay: dude, if the Indian Copyright Act had any teeth, most of our film-makers and music directors would be behind bars!


  4. Get them to take more pieces from your blog and pay you every time. That way you could get closer to Spain/Paris/whatever else.

    (and here goes the customary yay!)


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