THIS is how screwed our education system is.

There is this woman I know, who till recently used to live with her husband, four-year-old daughter and in-laws in a chawl. Her daughter is a precocious, bright kid, in kindergarten, used to go to school then come back home and do her homework and then go play with the other chawl kids. I say chawl kids, I mean chawl kids, teenagers, whoever. She was the first kid in the family to go to an English medium school and her mother was immensely proud of that. 

One day, she came home complaining of a pain between her legs. Turns out, a fifteen-year-old whose house she used to go frequently to play had fingered her. 

And her mother, instead of going to the kid’s house and castrating him with a blunt instrument, gave him a stern warning and let it go. 


“It’s his SSC year. If I’d made a big deal out of the matter, it would’ve screwed up his entire life.” 

7 thoughts on “THIS is how screwed our education system is.

  1. That guy had been let go…? Thats insane. I feel very bad.. Now he will get the courage to screw up few more girl's life. He should have been punished severely such that he wont even dare to think of screwing some other girl's life.


  2. he fingered her?
    What the fuck is with men thinking they can do what they want and get away with it?
    If u know the mother personally I urge you to ask her to go deal with it the way adults should.


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