Happy Belated Um.

So once again, I forgot the birthday. Forgot all about this freshly turned five-year old who has brought so much love and laughter in my life. Unlike other five-year-olds, this one isn’t messy or fussy or a terror on wheels. Never one to demand much, this one just stays put and waits for my attention and affection. And when I look back to all those years ago, it seems almost incredible that a few mouse-clicks, some hammering of the keyboard could’ve created something that has affected my life so much over the years.

Oh, didn’t I mention? I was referring to this blog.

Without it, things would’ve been drastically different. Rook and I wouldn’t have met for starters. I wouldn’t have had a platform to find clarity and sanity (and you can imagine how important that is to someone who’s usually just a coffee away from completely losing it.) And last of all, my list of acquaintances would’ve been pitifully short of some of the most interesting people I know today.

And the good bit is that while it may have started being all about me, it’s become much more than that today. It would be terribly egoistic of me to make that statement, especially about something as prosaic as a blog, but the other day, I got a mail from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years.

This is what she wrote:

Hi Veda,
Congratulations, first of all. Hope you have a very happy married life. It’s been long since we’ve been in touch but had to write to you to say thank you.Β 

I was missing Mumbai in cold boring Delhi. And on a whim read your blog, especially the entries under `Bombay’. Can’t tell you how much i enjoyed myself.Β 

Thanks a heap and God bless.


I don’t know if you feel this way or any way about this blog. But if it’s given you a moment of respite, a brief flicker of a smile, a tiny window to look out of while wading in ennui, then I’m thankful. And humbled.

Thank you for reading The Other Veda for the past five years. Ego-boost junkie that I am, who knows if I’d reached here if it wasn’t for your comments and the praise?

7 thoughts on “Happy Belated Um.

  1. Congratulations on completing fives years with this blog. I caught on late but your blog helped me catch up with you in so many ways.
    There are few people who are capable of `original' ideas and even fewer who can express them so well. You have that gift. Keep going.
    A (yes, the same one.)


  2. Sheesh, I realise I've been reading you for several years myself. Reading you has been entertaining, insightful and made me want to find a girl like you.

    Thank you and good luck. Here's to one of my favourite pages on the internet. And to you. Cheers (as the Brits say, pff)


  3. Just to add that this place is also important to me not just because you are cool and have balls, etc. Essentially also because this blog introduced me to Terry Pratchett.


  4. Congrats on the five years. Started reading you recently, have already become a fan. πŸ™‚

    And strangely, my story is similar to yours. Blogging for over five years now – check. Hating the concept of marriage – check. Finding the guy through the blog – check. Getting married now – check. 😐


  5. I don't remember how long I have been reading you – it feels like forever but to put a number to it, definitely 4+ years.

    I really enjoy the writing and your take on myriad things. When I read the advertising column and saw the pic, my first reaction was – No this isn't the Veda I know. Probably the formality, if that is possible on the internet, made it different. But the blog's definitely on my list of must-visit pages.

    So yes, please keep this going!


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